15 Tips and Tricks for Applying Lipstick


15 Tips and Tricks for Applying Lipstick

Beautiful lips can really show your style, but what is the best way to choose and apply lipstick or gloss? Of course, there are some tips and tricks when it comes to getting cute lips. Check out the lipstick tutorial from popular makeup artist Matin below, along with 15 professional application tips that you can include in your lipstick routine.

Select focus

The best way to makeup is to bring out your best features. So choose between the eyes or the mouth. When you focus on any of these salient features, the right focus is created.

Before applying the gloss, cover the exposed lips with concealer or foundation. As a result, the lips are almost colorless and look great with smoky eyes.

Fill your lips

You don’t need to use lip fillers to look like a bee sting. To get plump lips, apply eyeliner directly outside of the natural lip line, then apply a little gloss to the center of the lower lip and dab on the lips.

Choose the right shade

Makeup artist Bobby Brown swears by the fact that the best lipstick is two shades darker than your natural lip color. Alternatively, you can try the viral trend of matching nipple color with lipstick to get the perfect color.

The best way to put lipstick?

There are no real rules for applying lipstick. Some women use special lipstick brushes, others do not use them. Some women use only the middle finger, and most women use it straight from the tube. Choose what’s right for you. As long as the color reaches the lips, you’ll be fine.

Use the liner as the base

Lipstick will last longer if you fill in your lips first with a liner. If you wear bright lipstick, try eyeliner. Then put your lipstick on it. For a bolder look, use colored or darker eyeliner.

The lip gloss is famous for wiping off quickly. However, when you fill your lips with liner, you are adding something shiny that must be adhered to.


Try a firm lip shade

One of the most annoying things about lipsticks and glosses is that they don’t last long. Thankfully, they now do hours of lip toning and get rid of this problem completely.

A popular lipstick color for many women is Chanel Double Intensite Blush. Once applied, it will stay for hours. It also has a little bit of gloss to make it less shiny.

A line before or after?

Some women prefer to wear eyeliner first, arguing that if you apply lipstick first, you won’t be able to see the natural line of your lips. However, other women find that their lips appear more natural when they put on their lips after applying lipstick. Try these two methods to find out which one you prefer.

Test lipstick properly in store

Trying lipstick at a Sephora store or department store is simply unhealthy, without wiping the lipstick with a tissue. You can avoid the lip test by pushing the toothpick with your fingertips. It fits better on your lips than the back of your hand. Also, polish clean the tip of the lipstick before applying it so that someone else can try it.

Do not cast a bad shadow

Think carefully before ditching the lipstick you don’t really like. As many beauty editors will tell you, it is possible to get a great lip color by mixing lipstick that you don’t like. Try again next time and you will be amazed at the results.

Is your lipstick too shiny? You can reduce color with some cracks, tint your lips with a darker liner before applying lighter shades.

Avoid lipstick stains on the glass

Not everyone needs to know what glass you own by leaving a lipstick imprint on the rim. To avoid this, gently lick your lips before taking a sip of the glass. It really works.

Lipstick that never falls on your mug or lands on your husband’s cheek (looks like he’s crazy). Several years ago, I read that the average woman used about 6 pounds of lipstick in her life. However, there is nothing to worry about. The lipstick components will not harm you, and will damage the acids in the stomach.

Do not put lipstick on your teeth

There is a great trick to avoiding getting lipstick on your teeth, and you should do it every time. After applying the lipstick, insert your index finger into your mouth and pull it out. Excess lipstick disappears on the fingers, not the teeth.

The lipstick may turn red

Wearing a neutral lipstick can save your life when you need a little bit of color. Although you can use lipstick as a quick blush, you should never use blush as a lipstick.

To use lipstick as blush, put a few dots on the cheekbones, turning, turning, and turning them. This will help moisturize the skin first so that the lipstick will stick well.

Yellow camouflaged teeth

Try blue lipstick to reduce yellowing of teeth. According to Lazarus, New York-based makeup artist, peach, rose, wine, and lilac are among the working shades.

Don’t throw out broken lipstick

If the lipstick breaks, there is no need to discard it. Instead, it is extremely easy to “treat”.

Use a tissue to pick up the broken piece, then slowly wave a lit matchstick underneath. When it thaws a little, put it back on the floor, turn it over and put it in the open fridge for 30 minutes. Fixing broken makeup has never been easier.

Has all lipstick disappeared?

As you near the end of your favorite lipstick, some lipstick may remain in the tube. It is still usable. You have to be creative to be successful.

Clean the last pieces of lipstick with a cotton swab and mix with Vaseline or lip gloss on the lipstick palette. Apply a lip brush.

The Charlotte Tilbury name has been making iconic runway makeup for the past 20 years and is well known among fashionistas, models and more. It’s only 7 years since Tilbury launched his own line of cosmetics and skincare, but the rapid growth and expansion that has occurred in such a short time shows just how loyal Tilbury fans are. From their famous magical moisturizer to stylish eyeshadow palettes, Tilbury products satisfy almost every consumer.

I wear make-up every day

I have makeup almost every day and I really like wearing lipstick and lip products. I often prefer matte textures over glossy ones because they last longer, and I don’t think I have to touch them as often as I do on glossy textures and surfaces.

My lips tend to dry out and sometimes flake off. That’s why I usually exfoliate them before applying matte lipstick to remove dead skin. I also use lip masks at night before bed to prevent chapped lips.

Application: directly from the test tube.

This lipstick has a delicate shape that allows you to easily apply it straight from the tube. You can also use a lip brush if you prefer a specific lipstick precision. The formula glides easily on your lips, and you can wear lipstick if you like, but the lipstick ball shape helps define the lips and accentuate the contour just as lipstick does. Apply lipstick and keep going. You don’t need to set time to freeze color or formula.

Results: impressive

I applied this lipstick at 8 am. In the afternoon he was still safe after having coffee, breakfast and lunch. The firming power is very good, there were no dry patches or peeling on the skin, which impressed me even more – I didn’t need to exfoliate my lips before applying.


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