Make Your Eyes Look Amazing With These Tricks

eye makeup
eye makeup

Make Your Eyes Look Amazing With These Tricks


Determine the shape of the eyes.This is the first step to knowing where and how to apply eye makeup.

Click on the type of eyes for a more detailed tutorial on eye makeup: flamed, solid, masked, prominent, inverted, low, very similar and wide.


Instead of looking directly in the mirror, tilt your head and look down, using the eyeliner.
This way you will better understand if your wings are symmetrical.


Add a little height to the canvas by incorporating the backlight directly below the macro.
To achieve the maximum effect, be careful not to get angry.

Try this highlighter from Amazon, especially for eyebrows.


Likewise, raise your eyes and apply highlighter directly above the eyebrows.
The highlighter helps draw attention to the highest point of the eyebrow, thus creating an “eye lift”.

Any stick will do, but if you don’t have one, L’Oreal Lumi is a great, inexpensive option.


For easy application of eyeliner, apply a brush to the eyelashes and apply them together to get an even finish.

If you don’t have a good brush, try an angled brush gel eyeliner to make sure it’s accurate.

Try this double-sided pen from Amazon to buy an inexpensive liner and lubricant.

Find your eyes

Starting with a base of eyeshadows is a good idea for any type of eyeshadow, especially if you are working with a rich shade like black. This eye shadow primer prevents colors from fading, creasing, or transferring.

Apply foundation

To create a soft canvas for the look of your shadow, you must start with the nude base of the shades. Apply L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Monos with a flat eyeshadow brush. We recommend choosing a shade close to your skin tone to make it easier to blend later. This not only makes the application of the base of the shadows even, but it also creates the basis for the appearance of the shadows, which ultimately will help the rest of the shades to blend harmoniously.

Use a transitional tone

Applying a transitional eyeshadow is an important step in creating a smoky black eye. Choose a shade a little deeper than the shade I used as the base. This helps remove the strong contrast between exposed cover and the black crease and creates a smoother layer. Use a soft shadow brush and run the cleanser back and forth to apply shadow directly to the crease.

Select your storage capacity

Don’t use black eyeshadow yet, use anthracite shade instead. This dark gray will help turn your bare shell into a black fold, avoiding the edges that are too sharp in its look. As you’ve likely noticed, the main thing in creating a sophisticated smoky eye is to make it look mixed and have depth and dimension. For this reason, we recommend using some transition colors before blackening. Take a few shades of L’Oréal Paris Riche Monos eyeshadow in Meet Me in Paris with a small, fluffy brush and run it back and forth along your curl.

Add more definitions

Well, it’s time to curate: black eyeshadow. With the help of an anti-wrinkle brush, it’s easy to pick up L’Oréal Paris Riche Monos eyeshadow in Noir Cest Noir. Apply to the outer corners of the eyes to deepen the look and revive a black smoky eye.

Remember your goal

The lovely black smoky eye is more than just an eyeshadow on the upper lids – you also need to cast the shadow along the lower lash line to burn the look completely. This step is key to a balanced look. First, take a small shadow brush and apply charcoal shadow. Then go further by applying black eyeshadow to the outer two-thirds of the lower lash line.

eye makeup
eye makeup

If necessary, touch

Working in dark colors leaves a lot of room for errors; Don’t worry, they’ll happen. Fortunately, a little micellar water and a cotton swab can remove any accidents or eye shadow drops that might appear during the creation of the image. Use L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleansing: for all skin types and areas that need touch.

Mark your inner corner

Now that the shaded portion of the look is perfect, you can lighten things up a little by accentuating the inner corners of your eyes. This is an important step in creating a dark eye shadow, as the dark look can make the eyes small and close easily. Adding a soft shadow to the inner corners can make your eyes appear more open and lively.

This can be done by applying L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer liquid eye shadow makeup to a pearl necklace near the tear ducts.

Define your eyes

you’re almost done! Use a black liquid eyeliner like L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Dip, Waterproof Black, to define the upper lash line and give your eyes a more expressive look. When it comes to adding eyeliner to deep eyeshadow looks, we recommend sticking to a liquid liner as it will generally fill in most holes in terms of pigment.

Then line the lower waterline with L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Water Resistant Water in a black eyeliner pencil for up to 24 hours to further define the lower lash line.

Ink ball

The last step: mascara! Apply several coats of L’Oréal Paris Air Volume Mega Mega Mascara, a washable mega volume in both light black and black to create voluminous, long lashes that perfectly complement your dreamy smoky blue eye.

Eyeliner is a makeup product we simply cannot live without. It can improve eye makeup in seconds and allow you to create all kinds of fun photos. However, if you close your eyes, you know that creating a specific type of eyeliner can be a challenging task. Between minimal eyelid space and frequent makeup transfers, applying eyeliner can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are a few different tips and tricks that you can use to make the process easier. Here are our favorite tips for applying eyeliner with your eyes closed and choosing tools that will help you get the best results.

Use the Batliner technique

This winged bat-eye look is the perfect style for a covered eyeliner. It adapts the shape of your wrinkles and helps your eyes look better. Take L’Oréal Paris Matte Liquid Eyeliner, waterproof in black, and first look directly in the mirror. Draw a thin line along the entire length of the lash line.

Try to keep as close as possible to your eyelashes and continue to line to the outer corner of the eye, passing a crease or “cap” to create the edges. When finished, look in the mirror and fill in any gaps you may have missed. However, do not fill in the void, which has a unique eye shape. When you close your eyes, you will see wing-shaped wings, and when you open your eyes, you will see the perfect winged eyeliner.

Change your pencil to a gel

To get the best application of eyeliner with lids, we recommend using gel eyeliner and a brush with a small tip. These tools give you more control over the amount of product you use and allow you to create a more accurate font.

Look for L’Oréal Paris 24h Foolproof Lacquer Liner in black and white, which comes with an eyeliner brush to smoothly apply the gel formula to the lash line. To get a straight line, make sure your hand is on a steady surface so your hand isn’t shaken.

Use a primer to avoid staining

If you narrow your eyes, your eyeliner is likely oiled or lubricated due to the extra layer of skin. Use a primer in front of the eyeliner to prolong wear and avoid shifting, allowing the eyeliner to set in place.

Take L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Lock and apply a small amount to the eyelids with your finger. Apply the eyeliner directly to the eyelashes with a fine line to avoid transferring the product.


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