Marsala’s Upcoming Beauty Products



Marsala’s Upcoming Beauty Products

The world of women is joyful. Then again, next year’s color is likely to elicit the statement, “It’s vibrant, unlike your skin tone.” We need to take note of all those “nude” lipsticks and the “next door girl” humiliation that will be visible in the Pan-tone Marsala overall tint. ” As I suspected, Italian wine is not a miss pelt spice for Indian food.”

Color is often used on the Internet.

I think in order for this color to look the same on the Pan-tone website, we need to find products that have a ‘spice’ in the description. It is possible that the products that refer to “dim” or “lavender” are soft or lavender on our skin. But we don’t want to be embarrassed and just look for “fast” make-up. Anything going dark, gray, is likely to come close to Marsala on our skin.

Sephora has compiled a list of the colorful products they sell. I got freedom on Google search (read: all) and they are mostly nude without the intense pink / gray. Or worse, it’s very transparent. In order for this color to appear on the WOC, we must definitely look for products that are highly oily or opaque.

Frustrated with the recommendations available, I have compiled my list using the Sephora Guide as a starting point. I have prepared this list to include only those products that are visible and comfortable for the skin.


Throughout my career, I followed Pantone to find color inspiration. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Pantone is a global coloring company for the creative industry. They provide color schemes that enable accurate translation of colors in all settings, be it fashion, typography or design. Its creators also rely on it to predict color trends. In fact, they know what’s going on and keep everyone up to date!


Every year, usually in early December, they announce their color for this year and for 2020 it is Marsala. There are many subtleties and interpretations in Marsala, all of which are equally interesting. Pantone describes Marsala as “a subtle alluring shadow that draws us warmly into its arms, and a strong wine that gives Marsala its name.

This delicious shade is found in a plethora of healthy foods and its reddish-gray roots come from the wonderful ”Natural Soil”. Pantone also offers a similar “flattering of multiple skin colors, a warm and beautiful spice, a great color for beauty. I can’t agree more! Marsala’s lips were everywhere this fall, so today I’m sharing six of Marsala’s favorite lipsticks in a variety of favorite colors, styles and price ranges.

Bourgeois color boost lipstick in sweet makeup

Immerse your socks in the trends that everyone likes with this light, bright and warm marsala shade. I call it yoga pants, it feels like lip balm! This colored lipstick doesn’t last long, but it does affect how smooth and hydrated the lips are. If you want to go to the Marsala area but don’t know where to go, I suggest you take Sweet Makicho. It works in a single layer, but you can create it in a more bold format.

Cutting Beauty Matte Lip Cream Bright Color

I have two post options from Neutral Brown MySala more than my next Rubber option from Byte Beauty, Galaxy. She also has a smooth blur on her lips. Sephora describes it as “dusty purple” – it’s at the cold end of the Marsala spectrum. If you prefer neutral and nude brown, this may be the best shade for marsala. Glac about I wear for about 5 hours and it never dries on my lips. To learn more about Byte Beauty Philosopher and your favorite product, check out my other posts here, here and here.

It’s fun to play Revolver Colorburst

There is a deep wine shade from the sultry marsala that is a wonderfully matte formula at the drugstore. It’s definitely more burgundy than my previous picks. Relon Colorburst Matt Blues is one of my favorite medicine store lipsticks.

The formula is full of silicone, so it glides easily on the lips and provides a velvety matte finish without drying out. Sad my price is 5 hours You can find it at your local pharmacy or get it online at WellCA, this is a great resource for Canadian cosmetics if you prefer to shop online.


Bumblebee is a tense, warm and regular marsala. If you have never tried CalorPup Ultimate Lips, here is a complete list of 10 colors. More recently, Bumblebee has become my go-to choice for marsala shadows, it’s bulletproof, the color is beautiful, and the way I look at it makes me feel like I’m wearing it.

That’s how I found Chloropup Ultimate Lip to work better for me: first I make sure my lips are moist, clean and dry, then I apply a lip primer and then an Ultra Lip Coat.
It helps your lips feel dry during the day and prevents you from wearing the product for 8.9 hours without eating or drinking, all day long! As the name suggests, it is a matte formula with no moisture. It almost feels like dust on your lips.

Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Full Lipstick

My latest selection, Marsala, is one of my favorite medicine store lipsticks. Like Revlin Color Burst Matt Bloom, Maybelline Color Matte Cream Lipstick has a formula rich in silicone that pierces your lips directly. Spice Touch is a silky, ultra-oil lipstick that feels light on the skin and fades in about 5 hours. It’s kind of scary, but it’s a little deep and a little purple. If you are looking for a deep marsala that will not break the glass, get this lipstick at your local pharmacy.


Marcella lipstick

This deep shade of wine is reminiscent of the beautiful but modern elements of the beautiful Pantone chip. Each brand has a high quality Pantone formula to achieve this luxurious color and offers a polished surface like cream, metallic and matte varnish which gives a subtle expression of this bold, neutral shade with sheer luster.

Here’s a new marsala lipstick you can try:

  • No cream lipstick is too close in divine wine
  • Tom Ford lipstick on black orchids
  • Modern Sunday rally lip color in wine color
  • Swivel on Australian bytes is a balanced lipstick
  • Soft lipstick with true color
  • Revlin Super Shine Lipstick in Cherry Black
  • Revolin matte lipstick in alcohol
  • Revlin Colorburst Grape Lipstick
  • Nurse walk lipstick mat on Volga
  • Empress Male Crimson Lipstick
  • Nurse lipstick on the leaf
  • Morello Silk Me Me Me Lipstick
  • Mac Rebel Lipstick
  • Mac Smart Lipstick
  • Follow the lauder lipstick in black
  • Alice Phase’s creamy lips in deep beer wine
  • Direct additive lipcolor in striped berries
  • Change Rouge Alver Lipstick in Rouge Noir
  • Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Oxford Wine
  • Wet lipstick in cherry bomb

Marsala eyes

When it comes to Marsala’s eyes, I remember Kirsten Stewart’s amazing eye makeup on makeup and burgundy colors. I also closed my eyes from the inner and outer edges to the ribs of the eyebrows. She used Framboos lipstick as a channel for eye makeup. Christine used Chanelless Ombres Quadra Burgundy Eye Shadow in Ec Ecloson to complete her eye makeup and Chanel Juice Contrast Powder Blush in Pink Blast.

You can also get inspiration from Ronnie Marie, who paired Marcela’s eye shadow with a golden glow to enhance her beauty. When the two actresses parted their eyes, they made sure the rest of their faces were clean and bright to complement their marsala eyes.

And if you don’t want to look dramatic, here are some of Emma Stone’s sexy makeup. Unlike the two actresses, Emma wears nothing but marsala eye shadow on the outer corners of her eyes. Not only does your hair color have a great effect, but it also matches your eye makeup.

Marsala’s cheek
You have to wear imitations of Lupita Nyong’u who easily wear a shield shade, Marsala is embarrassed on her cheeks. So don’t be afraid of this bold, earthy shadow.



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