Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Amazing

eye makeup
eye makeup

Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Amazing

Here’s how to highlight the eyes the trick.

1. Know where each type of eye makeup goes.

Navigating with all this eye makeup can be difficult for some people, but this handy pictogram will mark where it all goes, right down to the tear duct.

2. Roll up your lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

Applying mascara is an easy way to define your eyes, but using a straightening iron really opens them up. Just be sure to use a curling iron before applying mascara or you can curl your lashes.

3. Use two masks instead of one for beautifully enhanced lashes.

If you really want your lashes to show off, use two formulas: one to give your lashes volume and one to lengthen them. Using a brush, move the thick formula to the base of the lashes to achieve fullness and cover the roots completely. Then apply mascara from the middle to the ends and add more on the outer lashes for an added feel.

4. Open your eyes by removing the top and bottom liners.

If you want your eyes to look wider and more alert, skip the top and bottom eyeliner. Leaving a gap creates the illusion that they are bigger. Add natural eyeliner according to tip 5 for maximum lightening effect.

5. Find the perfect eyeliner for your eye color.

Black eyeliner is classic, but if you really want to accentuate your eyes, choose a color that really complements them. In the mood for an extra adventure? Choose colored mascara.

6. Make your eyes more attentive with eyeliner.

If you’re going to be spending late at night or just want your eyes to look bigger, apply blunt eyeliner along the lower waterline. Instant shine!

7. Define your brows like a pro.

The last thing you need is Eddie Monster. Instead, follow our simple tutorial – it’s perfect for any beginner and straight to the point of a professional makeup artist!

8. Place the eyelids with concealer.

If your lids are looking a little red or wiry, add a quick concealer to even out your complexion and get ready for the shades.

9. Immediately raise your eyebrows with a white pencil.

If you want your eyes to look more attentive and your brows more prominent, apply white eyeliner under the brows along the front bone and blend.

eye makeup
eye makeup

10. Put a layer of powder between the mascara coats.

After applying the first coat of mascara, put some clear powder on your lashes and then put on the second coat. The powder adds length and volume to your lashes without dissolving.

11. Use masking tape to prevent shadows from falling off.

Many times when applying the eyeshadow, it not only wraps around the lids, but can also make the eyes dirty. To prevent this from happening, place a small piece of tape under your eyes and remove it after applying makeup. there is! No precipitation.

12. Remove stains with an eyeliner brush and micellar water.

We’ve all been through it: you put on your eye makeup, you look perfect, and then you sneeze. Here is a terrible misfortune. Nobody likes to take off their makeup and start over. Simply remove the stain by dipping a small eyeliner brush in micellar water and rubbing it in gently.

13. Take a look at Marilyn Monroe’s sexy look.

Define her eyes as the original glamorous girl by following this surprisingly simple tutorial and using the techniques the makeup artist has already used on Ms. Monroe.

14. Hold the brush upright to add extra length.

Do you want your eyes to look really defined? Hold the brush upright to apply each of these tiny lashes along the lower lash line, as well as the inner corners and the upper outer lashes.

15. Use a spoon to prevent mascara from staining the eyelid.

If you have problems applying mascara to eyelashes only, put the spoon over the eyes to act as a protective shield, and apply mascara. very easy!

16. Turn things over with a smoky eye.

The typical smoky eye makeup is always a good option for the evening. However, if you want to add an extra dose of drama to your makeup, flip the smoky type over and work along the lower lash line instead of the bottom.

Amazing: The smoky eye makeup is a true classic and it turns your eyes into a real glamor.

In our step-by-step instructions and tutorial, we’ll show you how you can easily apply smokey eye makeup. It’s perfect for beginners, so feel free to try it now!

Shadow Primer

An eye shadow foundation is a prerequisite for flawless and long-wearing eye makeup. This secret beauty weapon ensures that the eyeshadow stays in place. As for smoky eyes, this is crucial because the focus is on your eyes.

Apply it with your finger or brush, making sure to distribute it evenly.

Eyelashes thickening

An expansion pad is used to significantly increase the volume of eyelashes and neutralize rare areas. Use this technique to close your eyes, adding clarity and intensity.

To increase the volume of the eyelashes, apply a black wand exactly between the lash line and the circumference of the upper eyelid.

Apply eyeliner

Straighten your eyes and create fuller lashes with eyeliner – an absolute must for smoky eyes!

Apply the portion along the upper and lower lash lines and blend with a smoky brush.

Apply eyeshadow / step 1

A) Apply a light shade of shadow to the upper eyelid and the front bone and blend the temples.

B) Apply dark shadows on the eyelid, along the lower lash line, and on the outer corner of the eye.

Apply eyeshadow / step 2

C) Apply a medium shade to the crease of the eyes to create a transition between the light and dark shades and soften the darker color on the lower lash line.

D) Add highlights to the top of the eyebrows and the inner corners of the eyes using light eyeshadow.

Apply eyeliner

Draw a line with eyeliner to add mysterious depth to your look.

To better prepare your eyelashes for mascara, apply nourishing mascara to the upper and lower lash lines. Next, apply mascara to complete your smoky stunning look.


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