PAKISTAN IN ASIA The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan
Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

PAKISTAN IN ASIA The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

It is hard to imagine that the landscape is far more fertile than the rugged peaks, hidden villages and plains that run towards Pakistan.

Here are the 20 most beautiful places in Pakistan  from wild mountain trails and unreal lakes to beautiful mosques and ancient forts.

1. Swat Valley

Despite its tumultuous past, the present and future of Swat is very bright. This wonderful valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan is directly influenced by a fairy tale.

Make bright green fields and forests. Beautiful villages and shady rivers so clear and enlightened that you will not believe that they are real.
The real beauty of Swat is in the town of Kalam.

Which serves as a base from which to discover the beauty of the valley. Here are 3 places not to miss in Swat.

Boyun Village

Bowen, also called Green Peak, is a short drive or guided hike away from Kalam. When you finally reach the top, along with an amazing view of the valley.

You will be presented with a view of one of the widest and most beautiful villages ever seen. An easy day trip from Bowen Kalam.

Kandol and Spindhor Lakes

These alpine lakes are a few hours away from Kalam. Nowadays, condolence can be obtained by Lake Jeep and it is a bit more commercial.

While Spinder is only two hours away. Whatever you want to visit, it is considered one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

 Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan
Beautiful Places to Visit in Pakistan

Ushu Forest

This well preserved forest is full of pine trees and is a great place to get lost. The road to the forest stretches along the Kalam River to several villages.

2. Hunza Valley

If you live in Pakistan or read anything about the country. You have definitely got the name Hunza. Don’t let the word “valley” confuse you.

In fact, Hunza is a vast area with many valleys and villages. Part of the ancient Silk Road is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the Hunza region.

Passu Cones

Boss Cathedral is a natural work of art and is a popular destination in Pakistan. Although he is no longer allowed to stay overnight in Basu Village.

The cone can be seen from afar in the village of Jolmet. The famous view of the church is from the Karakoram Highway, an hour’s drive from Gilgit.

Attabad Lake

A lake that doesn’t look real  even if you’re standing in front of it. Attabad was born out of the tragedy when there was a major delay in 2021.

The Hunza River was blocked and a famous lake was built behind it. Its bright turquoise blue waters make it the most beautiful place in Pakistan.

Eagle’s Nest

Want to see the most amazing sunset in the Hunza Valley. Go to the eagle’s nest in golden time. The name comes from a nearby first class hotel  , but you can get to the observation deck.

Yarkhun Valley

Although it is relatively unknown and forgotten compared to Pakistan’s most famous tourist destination. I think it was the most beautiful place in the Yarhan Valley. Where I saw in the country.

Yarkhon is located in the Upper Chitral region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is influenced by mountain ranges and ancient villages.

To get to this valley, which is several kilometers away from the city of Mastoi. You will have to make a little effort if you do not have your own car. If you have one, the ride isn’t bad  just prepare for most dirt roads!

If you want to drive on Yarkhon Road, Gazin Side Valley is definitely worth a try. Here you can see the Thai Pass mountains, a high gorge connecting Upper Chitral with Yasin Valley in Gilgit, Baltistan.

 Phander Lake

Lake Pander in Phandar village is almost too beautiful to be sure. The blue green lake is quietly nestled in light green trees, resembling a landscape painting.

Although Vender Lake is beautiful, it is as close to tourists as Lake Ataabad.

 Broghil Valley

The Brugel Valley is far to the north, not far from the Afghan Vehicle Pass, and was only accessible on foot or on horseback.

Nowadays, once hidden area can be retrieved from a foxy pocket. But if it is not frozen under a pile of ice, it receives some visitors for a few months.

If you are a permanent resident, consult the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Chitral before going there. But Pakistanis, look at this beauty.

The valley has numerous alpine and yak lakes and lush green pastures against a stunning mountain range that rises more than 13,000 feet.
A day trip from the last Brazilian village of Lashkar Gaz will take you to Lake Qambar, one of the highest lakes in the world!


may be a subway, but its treasure trove of historical sites definitely makes it one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It was a Mughal city, and many of his creations still remain.

If you are wondering what are the best places to see in different areas, then wait because there are so many.

The most famous places of this city are Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque and of course the Lahore Fort.

Add to that the dozens of beautifully preserved tombs, vibrant shrines, and attractions in the mansion and you have made yourself the capital of Pakistani culture.

 Hingol National Park

Hangul National Park is technically located in Pakistan but it is just like Mars. The park covers more than 6,000 square kilometers and has incredibly unique rock formations. Large valleys, many animal species and even mud volcanoes.
In addition, part of the national park includes the beach and all other assets have been extended to the sea.

Apart from this world, Hangul is the most populous city in Pakistan, just 3.5 hours away from Karachi.

Pakistani nationals should not have difficulty entering the park, but foreigners have had mixed experiences. Some people, along with locals, were able to spend the night  and weekend in the park.

While others were given only one day pass. There is no public transport to the park, so you must have access to your own transport.

 Kalash Valleys

In the Kalash Valley, which consists of Bambur, Rimber and Pierre, the Kalash tribe, a religious and ethnic minority in Pakistan, live with their beliefs, culture and language.

The valley in which they live is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan  not only because of its natural splendor, but also because of the beauty of Kalash itself.

Rampur Valley is especially impressive. Along the Kalash River, there are miles of dirt roads and burning mountains.

Kalash residents live in suspended wooden houses on high hills, and women are especially famous for their traditional colorful dresses and hats, which are unlike anything found in Pakistan.

Just 2.5 hours from Chitral, it is very easy to get to a valley these days. If you decide to go Rimber anyway, find a valley driving day.

The last settlement of Rambora, Shind, is a former village in Nuristan whose inhabitants migrated across the border to Pakistan a few hundred years ago.

 Deosai Plains National Park

Divinity is often called the roof of the world. And somehow it is. At 4,117 meters, the massive plateau is the second highest in the world and can only be reached in summer.
Emerald green meadows, snow capped peaks and sparkling blue lakes greet visitors to this beautiful place.

The Himalayan brown bear makes Devosai his home, and has been visited by many visitors  beware of them while camping.

The park charges an entrance fee of Rs 1,000 for foreigners and Rs 40 for Pakistanis.

 Gorakh Hills

Hills in the desert yes. Gorakh Hill Station is located in Sindhi but it is definitely high as part of the Kirthar Hills.

At an altitude of 1,734 meters, some beautiful scenery of southern Pakistan opens from the top of the mountains.
Gorakh hills are 8 hours away from Karachi but only 2-3 hours away from Dadu.

The latter is the best place to start your journey. There is no public transport, but there are many stops for those who do not want to pitch a tent.


Although the Shamshal Valley is a short distance from other beautiful tourist destinations in Pakistan on this list, it is worth the effort to get there.

The area is known as a central adventure destination, and is especially popular with rock climbers and rock climbers.

But Shamshal is not the only beautiful place in Pakistan for adrenaline junk. The village is the most beautiful summer is coming.

It’s incredible, it relies almost entirely on solar energy. You can also arrange small, easy additions to nearby pastures by wandering around and enjoying the epic landscapes and fields of yellow mustard flowers.



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