10 reasons why your hair is the most important part of your look and your personality


10 reasons why your hair is the most important part of your look and your personality

A woman’s hair is the first and foremost part of her beauty. It strengthens their personality. It’s an important part of your look and sets the tone for the whole image. Bad days are just bad days.

woman’s hair

If you wear impressive clothes. But your hair doesn’t match your clothes, it can ruin your whole look and make you look like a homeless man. Who stole someone’s beautiful clothes.
Good hair  good day. Research has shown that people with good hair feel better and can do better than people who go through bad hair in a day.
Whether you have short, curly or wavy hair, cover it with a hat, wear a wig, shave a wig.  Even if you don’t have hair, you shouldn’t underestimate your value.

You head I have been dedicated to this mission for a year and a half as a poetry editor at Oliver.com.


When I write about deep questions about poetry, people often ask me, “It’s just poetry, who cares.” It’s a narrow way of thinking about things when it’s nothing more than “poetry.”

Poetry is a means of expression. A symbol of self-love and acceptance. It is a tool that can connect us to our traditions or demonstrate our commitment to your beliefs.

It can also be a political statement. But there is no need to punish and punish your value, as is often the case in society. Here are the reasons why a move like “See you, meet upside down beauty” is so important.

Poetry is a means of expression

“My long, long, long, long,  “I made it for a very long time, but it never felt so good. I felt the pressure to get my hair to reach the long. Also fulfilled a special definition of. ” For years, Medina has not agreed with what she really wants to do with her hair in the way society has told her how to wear it.

But after a while, they decide to stop others from doing things that make them happy. “When I cut my hair, it felt like a huge relief. I felt it for a long time. I’ve been sticking to a certain femininity with long hair. Because I’ve made it so short.  More than ever  I feel so much better. Her courage. ”

For others, it felt like they had to cover their hair as they grew older. Because other women were free to disrupt its natural structure. “Straight blonde hair growth is the gold standard of beauty in Texas,” Nicole Dirty told Rugby. Rich, chocolate curls were the exact opposite, forcing her to feel the pressure to change.

But it wasn’t until she traveled to Spain that she opened her eyes to see how beautiful her curls were. “The women had curly hair and long dresses. No one was straight here,” she said. “She was surprised I did it with my hair because it was as beautiful as hers.”

Since then, their attitudes have changed completely. “I don’t have my hair anymore. If my hair wants to go left, I let it go to the left. Because I know it will look good at the end of the day because it does its job.”


I also went on my journey to hug my hair which is really the case. For most of my childhood, I twisted my natural structure, mainly because my parents were pressuring me to straighten or relax my hair. But when I saw that the girls were getting silken straw strings because of the wind.

I realized that my wrinkles and highlights were not laughing when something beautiful came into our society.

My parents finally gave up and allowed me to rest when I was 16 years old when I told them to die for it. Through high school and college. I grew my roots every few months to keep my parts chemically straight.

At the time, it was okay for me to adjust and look like this when the world told me it was good. What was not good. A burning sensation on my scalp from a loose substance that sometimes becomes hollow.



When I was a college student in 2020, I saw Chris Rock’s groundbreaking film “Beautiful Poetry,” which looks at dark haired politics and society.

What did you get from the movie. I found out that my hair was badly damaged during all the rest of the Dominican salon in the Bronx.

I hate to say it, but thinking big and very thin haired. Even worse, who have no edge to talk about is a big part of what made me promise this. Will I be normal after college graduation.

And I continued to relax my hair for a few more years as I had just begun my career as a fashion and beauty editor.

When I went to beauty pageants, I didn’t have comfortable hair products like the girls. In fact, many of my colleagues were already normal. FOMO was real.

straight hair on Instagram

My last rest was in 2020. I recently posted a picture of my straight hair on Instagram, and my friend titled Rihanna’s “Pour” lyrics.”Curl, curl, watch this show”. Touched I laughed at that comment because it was right, but then he thought of me too.

Although in the beginning my vanity made me walk naturally, I fell in love with my hair for the first time during the journey. I need to know what it takes. How to decorate it and how to keep it healthy on the inside.

shining hair

By 2021, all the magic was gone and my hair was shining. I like the amazing curly texture. 2-3 of styling that I like. How thick my hair is after the day. I love perseverance and the fact that I can wear it curly or rarely straight.

It still looks great. And what I like most is mine. It feels good to me. And it turns out that God made my hair the way he did it, because that’s how I should be. I will not repay him for anything.

But the most important thing I learned was that I decided to wear my hair naturally, although it is a good solution for me. But it may not be the best solution for anyone else. There is nothing wrong with that.

If you want to wear a wig, you should do so freely. If you want to straighten your hair, you need to have safe options. Want to be brave with color. The most important thing is how you treat yourself when you look in the mirror.


Improve personality and beauty. The biggest reason for choosing good hair is that you can improve your shape and personality by using the right hair style.

Why agree with regular hair when you can look your best. In some cases, hairstyles for children and teens may be the best hairstyle for a person’s face shape and hair quality.

However, this is not the case in all cases. Many people have realized that there are other types of hairstyles that suit them, although they may not have thought of them before.

Professional person

If the person is a professional in the field of entertainment, then fashion and modern hair can look good. On the other hand, a professional hairdresser may be more suitable for office visitors. If the hair is chosen correctly, it will definitely enhance her personality and can also help in strengthening her personality.



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